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A 2 Day workshop on July 25th & 26th at 8:00am PST

Lose the


Discover how to resolve conflict with your teenager so that you can feel heard without even raising your voice

Rachel McBride, Parent Coach

Rachel McBride, Parent Coach

The “old school” parenting techniques are dying

✖️ Silent treatments

✖️ Punishments

✖️ Grounding

✖️ Demands

✖️ Manipulation

These old school parenting techniques lead to anger, resentment and disconnection from your teenager

Because just like you, your teenager wants to be heard, respected and appreciated.



Lose the Drama

Rachel McBride

During this 2 day virtual workshop, you’ll learn how to…


  • Get your message across calmly even if you’re ready to explode
  • Tune in and ask the questions that will leave you problem solving with your teenager
  • Have a disagreement with your teenager without using punishments and silent treatments so that you can stop feeling guilty and start connecting
  • Feel good about talking to your teenager even if it seems like you disagree on everything

It’s time to learn the “New Way” of parenting and connect with your teenager so that you can get the respect and appreciation you desire.

Here’s what Moms are saying…

    The Details:

    Date: Tuesday and Wednesday, July 25 & 26

    Time: Daily live trainings at 8:00am PST

    Where: Private Zoom room


    The Agenda:

    Day #1: Be the Anchor.

    Learn how to get your message across calmly even if you’re ready to lose it. I’ll show you how to reframe your thinking so that you show up to the discussion with clarity and leave feeling confident. 

    Day #2: The 3C method of connection.

    Learn how to build connections with your teenager so that you can finally have a conversation without the yelling match. I’ll show you how to get curious and focus on what is happening in front of you.