Love Your Teenager,  Lose the Drama.

What if you could reconnect with your teenager and regain control of your family in just 90 days?

Rachel McBride, Parent Coach

Rachel McBride, Parent Coach

Love Your Teenager, Lose the Drama.

An intimate 12 week private coaching program that will leave you talking to your teenager without the arguments, setting boundaries that stick and feeling in control of your family life.

In other words, what if…

In 3 months you have the tools you need to stay calm, build mutual respect with your teenager and trust yourself to make decisions all without feeling guilty?

✖️ No more arguments that end in doors slamming

✖️ No more “Mom guilt”

✖️ No more “sounding just like your mother”

✖️ No more punishments and threats

You only have a handful of years left with your teenager.

It’s time to rebuild your relationship so that you can have a meaningful relationship for a life time.

If you can resonate with this, keep reading.

Here’s the problem…

You know that in order to connect with your teenager, you need to change the way you communicate.

There’s a lot of talk out there about how to get your teenager to listen to you. Let’s get on the same page so that you know how much this will change your daily life

Here’s what it looks like to Live With the Drama:

  • Your teenager ignores you every time you ask them to do chores


  • Every conversation with your teenager ends in an argument


  • Your teenager behaves like you owe them


  • You’re nervous that you haven’t prepared your teenager for the real world


  • Your teen shuts down and won’t come out of their room


  • You live in worry every day if you’ll ever be able to connect with your teenager in a way that you truly desire

Here’s what it looks like to Lose the Drama

  • You can disagree without the yelling match


  • You have hard conversations with your teenager that deepen your connection together


  • You actually like being in the same room as your teenager and (heaven forbid) ENJOY each others company


  • You feel in control of your home and know how to set boundaries in a respectful way


  • Your teenager calls you when they get in a sticky situation and need a ride

In short, Love Your Teenager, Lose the Drama. is the fastest way to reconnect with your teen if you want to create mutual respect and trust.

Imagine having control of your life without walking on eggshells around your teenager.

This also means that you…

Have more fun because you feel a sense of trust and mutual respect with your teenager.

Get to enjoy family celebrations as you reconnect with your teen without their being so many disruptions

Feel confident and clear about your parenting decisions (and can finally drop the shame and guilt)

Actually have meaningful conversations with your teenager while driving in the car

If you want to learn how to connect with your teenager, I have something for you…


Love Your Teenager, Lose the Drama.

A 12 week private coaching program

Here’s what Moms are saying…

    Here’s the journey we’ll take together to change the course of your family…

      Week 1-2: Break Patterns

      Learn how to communicate with your teenager so that you can stop sounding like your mother and build a relationship from trust and understanding.


      Week 3-4: Use anger to connect

      Learn how to navigate angry outbursts so that you can stop walking on eggshells and repair your relationship with your teenager. 


      Week 5-6: Be the Anchor

      Learn how to feel calm and in control even when your teenager is ready to explode.

      Week 7-8: The 3C Method to connection

      Learn how to use compassion, curiosity, and collaboration to build connection with your teenager so that you can finally have a conversation without yelling.


      Week 9-10: Confident conversations

      Grow in your confidence as a mom and build a relationship with your voice so that you can talk to your teenager about the hard stuff.

      Week 11-12: Set boundaries that stick

      Learn how to set value based boundaries that are easy to stick so that you can feel calm and confident even when your teenager is pushing back.

      Here’s the weekly break down…

        • Weekly coaching sessions to dig deeper into your personal goals and desires and to uncover what’s beneath your triggers so that you can really get the lasting change you’re longing for


        • Integration tools to help you go deeper into understanding your needs so that you can grow in your confidence and become a peaceful leader in your home.


        • “SOS” Support in between weekly calls so that you can have the just-in-time guidance when you’re in the moment and want to prevent yourself from slipping into old habits

        Love Your Teenager, Lose the Drama. is different than any other thing you’ve tried because this program offers a judgment free space where you are supported and celebrated.

        This program reframes your thinking about your teenager and how to get through to them even if you can’t stand to be in the same room together. This program is proof that living with a teenager can actually be enjoyable.

        Are you ready to take back control of your life and connect with your teenager?

        When you enroll today, you’ll get: 

        Weekly coaching – $2700 

        Integration Tools- The only tools you need so that you can have life long change – $1200

        Access to Rachel via email with a response within 24 hours – $1200 

        TOTAL VALUE: $5,100 

        TODAY’S PRICE: $2,800 

        OR 3 monthly payments of $997 


        There’s a difference between spending money and investing money.
        When you enroll in this program, you’re investing in the future of your family.

        Your commitment to learning and practicing the tried and true strategies presented to you will allow you to create the connection that you’re longing for with your teenager that will last a lifetime.

        The mom behind Love Your Teenager, Lose the Drama…

          “ I didn’t always feel confident in my parenting decisions and the advice from friends and family members often left me feeling icky. I knew there had to be a different way to connect deeply with my kids even if I had not seen it modeled. I decided early on that my son was “hard” to parent and it showed outwardly through our relationship, his behavior and the negative energy in our entire family! And still, even though everyone says so, I just didn’t believe that parenting teenagers had to be a battle zone everyday. At least I knew that I didn’t want it to be. So, I got to work on myself. I dug into the things that really make me crazy and learned how to use my voice so that I feel heard and not so misunderstood and disrespected. I focused on what makes my son tick and committed to connecting with him. And then, EVERYTHING changed! My relationship with my son deepened and he felt understood for the first time. The relationships between he and his siblings started to evolve from fighting and competition to helpfulness and inclusion. I could not believe the change! So now that I live with two teenagers and a tween, this is truly the best stage of parenting for me yet and I know that it doesn’t have to be a battle zone. If I can do it, you can too. And with the rise of teen bullying, depression, anxiety and suicide your teenager needs your connection now more than ever. “

          Rachel McBride,MA is a Certified International Parent Coach who helps moms connect with their teenagers.

          With 30 years of experience working with children and families from preschool thru teenage years, Rachel most enjoys watching moms transform their relationship with their teenager.

          You have questions. I have answers. 

            Check out the FAQ’s: 

            Will this work even if my partner isn’t on board? Your teenager only needs one person. You can be that person and you’re not responsible for the relationship between your partner and your teen.

            What if I have to cancel a scheduled session? Life happens and things come up. If you have to cancel a session, we will reschedule. You do not lose the time, the 12 sessions are guaranteed. 

            I’ve been going to therapy for years, how is this different? During this program you will gain clarity around your parenting patterns and get coaching to release internal barriers so that you can reach your parenting goals. You will begin to reframe your belief system and develop compassion and empathy for yourself and your teenager. 

            What if I need more than 12 weeks? While 12 weeks will change your relationship with your teen, Many clients find it supportive to continue coaching sessions on a bi-weekly schedule after the 12 weeks and some return later for maintenance if they feel themselves slipping back into old patterns. 

            Still not sure if Love Your Teenager, Lose the Drama. is for you? 

              This program is a perfect fit for you, if… 

              • You’re at your wits end and it seems like your losing your teenager

              • You’re ready to take back control of your life and your family 

              • You have a deep desire to connect with your teen and you don’t know where to begin 

              • You long to trust your teenager and you want them to trust you 

              Learn More About Love Your Teenager, Lose the Drama. Today!