6 Week Course

The Path to Peaceful Parenting

Get the support you need to re-connect with your children.

Not knowing how to help our struggling child is the worst feeling in the world.

And, our children are struggling.
We are not sure how to help them.

Their lives have turned upside down and some of them are left feeling angry, anxious and disconnected.

And we’re left feeling worried, overwhelmed and exhausted.

If we don’t figure out a way to connect with them, we are afraid that we may lose them.

As Parents, we want to feel supported, understood and empowered.

helping our children

Let’s move your family life from overwhelm and frustration towards confidence and peace.

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The Path to Peaceful Parenting

Get the support you need to re-connect with your children and leave feeling confident.

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Hi, I’m Rachel

I help parents who are longing to bring peace, playfulness and connection into their relationships with their children. I’m here to help you overcome your parenting challenges so you can bring happiness and harmony into your home. I’d love to be your guide on the path from exhaustion to empowerment.

With over 25 years of working with children and families in Early Childhood Education, I’m here to bring ease to your parenting through my parent-centric program that shares non-violent communication, emotional intelligence and peaceful parenting methods. Not only do I have experience as a teacher, program director and parent educator, I also hold a Bachelor’s degree in Child Development, a Master’s degree in Education and I also am a Jai certified Conscious Parenting Coach. But maybe more importantly, I am a mom of 3 children ages 10, 12 and 14.

I’ve walked in your shoes and I’m ready to jump in the trenches with you. This is your time to choose to be an empowered parent and our chance to identify the sticking points that might be preventing the connections you and your child need.

During our time together, you will discover …

  1. The reasons why you parent the way you do (even on the days when you don’t want to sound like your mother!)
  2. What triggers you, why it triggers you and how to respond peacefully when you are triggered.
  3. How to have a conscious conversation with your child so that they will want to talk to you.
  4. How to set boundaries with your children that are rooted in respect and understanding.

Let’s make figuring all of this out easier!

What you’ll get:

weekly calls

Weekly Meetings

Live meetings once a week via Zoom so you can get all of your questions answered


Access weekly videos and support in a personal Facebook group to support you during your journey

Client  Testimonials

“I used to feel frustrated and resort to screaming. Now, those feelings and reactions are rare. I am much more aware of my children’s needs and can respond with a better approach.”


“Since completing the course, I feel more confident and easeful in my parenting and relationships.”


“Rachel asks the right questions and really digs deep to get to the root of the problem. She is supportive, empathetic and truly cares about your parenting journey.”


What sets this course apart?

In this 6 week course, Rachel guides you along the Path to Peaceful Parenting by asking the big questions, and personally supporting you when the path feels bumpy.

You will get tools to use right now that will create the connection you desire within your family and bring peace and playfulness to your home.

Free 30-minute connection call.

Got questions about the course? Let’s talk!